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 The Symbologist Michelle Snyder

Michelle Snyder fascinates, entertains, and intrigues audiences with books, classes, and presentations about some of the world’s favorite images and stories. She tracks the origin of symbols like mermaids and dragons, finds the hidden history in stories of old, and teaches why symbols are important. Her knowledge is deep and unique.

Michelle founded the Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive, Inc. She is an author, speaker, teacher, and publisher. She earned her MPhil in Divinity from the University of Wales. Her passion for unlocking visual language is contagious, and her presentations are educational, enlightening, and fun. She believes if you ask and seek, you can know!

Michelle’s friend and colleague, Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann, provided her with a foundation of knowledge that is both broad and deep. His knowledge of astronomy and physics is top shelf, and his translations of ice age inscriptions tracked the well-known Rx symbol, used to represent medicine today, back 14,000 years. Many symbols we see in our modern world are tens of thousands of years old. 

Check out her books, podcast, and videos for a fascinating ride through the world of symbols and oral tradition.

Her long CV is included here, for those of you who like that sort of thing. 

Public Speaker

  • LOI Rising Star Lodge, Stoughton, MA: Leadership and Power 
  • FREA Launch Event, Natick, MA: Symbology and the Enzmann Archive
  • Ezekiel Lodge, Attleboro, MA: Symbology: Tattoos
  • St Matthew’s Lodge, Andover, MA: Leadership and Power
  • Concord Royal Arch Chapter: Concord, MA: Leadership and Power
  • Montgomery Lodge, Milford, MA: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • MA Lodge of Research, Billerica, MA: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Caleb Butler Lodge, Ayer, MA: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Grand Lodge of New York, Lorelei Chapter: Symbology: Feminine Divine
  • Grand Lodge of New Jersey: Symbology: Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales
  • Caleb Butler Lodge, Ayer, MA: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Grand Lodge of New Jersey: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Aurora Chapter 9, Natick, MA: Symbology: An Introduction
  • Mt. Zion Lodge, Metuchen, NJ: Symbology: Decoding Classic Images
  • Massachusetts Lodge of Research, MA: Symbology: An Introduction
  • Ezekiel Lodge, Attleboro, MA: Symbology, Decoding Classic Images
  • Alpha Lodge, Framingham, MA: Symbology: An Introduction
  • Massachusetts Lodge of Research, MA: Symbols of the Lost Secrets  
  • Aurora Chapter 9, Natick, MA: Secrets of the Mermaids
  • Robbins Library, Arlington, MA: Secrets of the Mermaids
  • Meridian Lodge, Natick, MA: Symbols of the Lost Secrets  
  • Past Masters Association: Symbols of the Lost Secrets  
  • Massachusetts Lodge of Research: Symbols of the Lost Secrets  
  • DAR, Jackson Chapter, Wellesley, MA: Connecting DAR to Mermaids
  • OES, Chapter 114, Newtonville, MA: Connecting the Eastern Star to Mermaids
  • Framingham State University: Secrets of the Mermaids
  • Framingham State University: Once Upon a Time, the Greatest Love Stories Ever Told
  • Vallejo Artists Guild, Vallejo, CA: Introduction to Symbolism
  • League of Women Voters, Wakefield, MA: Winning Image for Women Workshop
  • Palestine Chapter 114, West Newton, MA: Mermaids and Eastern Star 
  • Fetterly Arts Center, Vallejo, CA: Symbols that Talk: Symbolism of Cartooning children’s             workshop, with “Goodie” Goudeau
  • Feathered Quill Book Reviews, interview 2017
  • Fairy Tales Live, 2015, Burlington Union
  • Author Michelle Snyder Speaks, 2012, interview JV Radio
  • The Arlington Advocate: April 27, 2011: Book release, Symbology: Decoding Classic Images
  • The Arlington Advocate: April 22, 2010: Local editor & illustrator for book release of Vera
  • Listen & Be Heard: Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Magazine, 2005: Local artist and symbologist
  • Bangor Daily News, September 2003: Local artist and teacher with neuromuscular disease honored 


  • The FREA Podcast: The Golden Key
  • Masonic Lite Podcast: Symbols Unlocked Series
  • Castle Island Virtual Lodge, Toronto, CN: Leadership and Power
  • Virtual Lodge Presentation - Setting Maul Study Group: Symbology: Leadership and Power
  • Masonic Lite Podcast Interview: Symbology and the Divine
  • White Knight Studio Video: The Green Man
  • Video Interview: New York Grand Lodge
  • Video Interview: Ezekiel Bates Lodge, Attleboro, MA 


  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 1: The Lost Unicorn
  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 2: The Lost Mermaid
  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 3: The Lost Dragon
  • A Tale of Three Kingdoms, book 5: The Wheel
  • Once Upon a Time Lessons, first book
  • Call of the Dragon and Other Tales of Wonder
  • Tears of the Dragon and Other Tales of Wonder
  • The Symbologist: Method the Keys to Knowledge 
  • The Symbologist: Oral Tradition by Word of Mouth
  • The Symbologist: ReVision
  • The Symbologist: Concept
  • The Symbologist Magic
  • Symbols and Imagination
  • World of Symbols
  • World of Symbols: Secrets of the Mermaids   
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Art, Artists, and God
  • Appreciating art for K -12 


  • Forward: The Craftsman’s SymbologySelected Symbols of the Entered Apprentice Degree by Anthony Mongelli
  • Columnist: “The Symbologist,” The Arlington Advocate, Arlington, MA    
  • Columnist: “Boston Symbology Examiner,” The Examiner, online
  • Columnist: “The World of Symbols,” Listen and Be Heard, Vallejo, CA
  • Art Reviewer: Listen & be Heard Art Review, Vallejo, CA 


  • Blog: FREA: The Archive Blog  
  • Blog: The Symbologist: Language of Once Upon a Time
  • Blog: Fairy Tale Fever
  • Blog: Zhen Ren Chuan
  • Blog: Enzmann Starship
  • Blog: Ice Age Language
  • Guest blogger: NERD Community
  • Guest blogger: Two Ends of the Pen  
  • Guest blogger: The 3:15 Club  
  • Guest blogger: Laura Deluca  
  • Guest blogger: New Age Mama  
  • Guest blogger: Jet Fueled Fiction 


  • White Knight Studio, MA: Symbology: Unlocking Secrets
  • Lexington Continuing Ed, Lexington, MA: Introduction to Symbolism,
  • Lexington Continuing Ed, Lexington, MA:  Symbolism of Folklore and Mythology
  • Lexington Continuing Ed, Lexington, MA: Drawing with Pen and Ink
  • White Knight Studio, Arlington, MA: Seven liberal arts and sciences
  • Lexington Arts and Crafts Guild, Lexington, MA: Pen and ink workshop
  • Tutor, Extreme Learn, Vallejo, CA: K - 4 After school reading program
  • New Earth Academy, Napa, CA: 9 – 12 Art and art history
  • Vallejo Artists Guild, Vallejo, CA: Designing Symbols Workshop
  • Grace Evangelical Seminary, Bangor, ME: Art, Artists, and God - Biblical Symbolism
  • Adult education, Bangor Public Schools, ME: 2D design, color theory, and art appreciation
  • Penobscot Christian School, Bangor, ME: K – 6 Art & art history; student art shows
  • Highview Academy, Charleston, ME: K – 12 Art, English, science, catapult competition            
  • Good Shepherd School, Barrington, NH: K – 8 Art and art history; student art shows
  • Private tutor: Art and Design, Pen and Ink 

Publisher, Illustrator, Editor

  • The Enzmann Chronicles, Robert Duncan-Enzmann 
  • The Enzmann Echolance, Robert Duncan-Enzmann 
  • Ice Age Language: Translations, Vocabulary, and Grammar, R. Duncan-Enzmann
  • ENDEAVOR, FREA’s Quarterly Research Journal
  • Flight of the Summer Bird, Robert Duncan-Enzmann
  • Siberian Prison, Ernst v. Enzmann
  • Vera, Prodigy Child, Robert Duncan-Enzmann
  • Verity’s Dragon, Robert Duncan-Enzmann
  •  It Was All Obama, Robert Taft
  •  Centurion’s Commitment, Ingrid Centurion
  • Memories, Meanderings, and Metaphors, Logan Richards
  • Calling from Carowak, Dennis Kantor
  • Believe It, A Love Story, Logan Richards
  • Puddle Boy and other Stories for Children, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Detour, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Marmalade and Toast, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Little Jackie Sparrow, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Livia’s Way, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Fathers Don’t Say Goodbye, Jack Rosenbaum
  • Hometown Yellow Pages
  • The Pocket Wedding Planner 


  • 2019: Massachusetts Grand Lodge Certificate of Distinguished Service
  • Special Recognition Award Listen & Be Heard: Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Magazine, November 2006: For contribution of articles and workshops on symbolism 
  • Letter of recognition, US Senator Susan Collins, August 2003: Congratulations for acceptance of artwork by MDA
  • Certificate of Recognition of Achievement Award, Maine Legislative Sentiment sponsored by State Senator W. Tom Sawyer, January 2003: Congratulations for artwork accepted by MDA, recognition of efforts as art teacher with neuromuscular disease, and completion of Associates Degree
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, January, 2003: For artistic contribution


  • M. Phil: Divinity, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK
  • Internship with Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann
  • Assoc. Arts, University of Maine, Augusta
  • Biblical Studies, Faith School of Theology, Charleston, ME
  • Graphic Design, Studio for Interrelated Media, Mass College of Art, Boston, MA
  • Fashion Design and Art History, Massey Junior College, Atlanta, GA
  • Brookline High School, class of 1970 


  • Honor cords, Dean’s list, and Certificate of Achievement for the John Blodgett Memorial Scholarship Award, University of Maine, Augusta 


  • University of Leeds: Starting a Business 1
  •  Trinity University: Successful Strategies for Aging
  •  University of Strathclyde: Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Monash University: Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance
  • University of Auckland: Logical and Critical Thinking
  • Hans Christian Anderson Center: Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
  • Open University: Starting Writing Fiction
  • University of Liverpool: Superpowers of the Ancient World, The Near East
  • Nonprofit Board Member Essentials